Logos Quiz Answers is a site devoted to helping your brand recognition and helping you beat the game app, Logos Quiz.  This game is comprised of several “quizzes”, which groups of 34 or 76 partially recognizable brand logos.  Your goal is to correctly identify the brand and move on to the next quiz.  After a few successful guesses, you are given a “hint”, to be used anytime you get stuck.  Each wrong guess reduces the score you attain on each Logos Quiz.

As a society, we are subjected to thousands of branding images on a daily basis.  Television, newspapers and thousands of different digital platforms advertise a wide variety of goods and services, in hopes that we will practice consumerism and purchase their brand. Logos Quiz Game tests your knowledge and recognition of a wide variety of brands.

Logos Quiz Walkthrough is your one-stop spot for hints and help on the graphic icons that stump you.  Simply click on the level you want to view and take a look at the different logos.  Click the logo thumbnail to view the full size image and answer.  Not only does this site help you finish off levels in Logos Quiz, it also is a great way to memerize logos that are unfamiliar to you.  College marketing, finance and business majors enjoy using this site as a quick tutorial towards memorizing logos for exams and projects.  Logos Quiz Answers is a great way to practice your brand retention, as well as help you advance through the mobile app quickly.

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