At Descente, the philosophy of excellence in craftsmanship is sustained by everyone—from the point of a product’s inception, to the moment an athlete puts it into action. Each product passes through the hands of specialists in every stage of development, and as it does, the original, simple idea transforms into a fully realized piece of performance athletic wear.

It begins when a team of creative developers has an idea they believe will elevate an aspect of sports. The idea is then passed to designers, who through their ingenuity, take the often complex idea and focus it into a single cohesive image. 
 That image, in turn, is augmented and given greater depth and design, and is expanded into basic paper patterns. From that point, many things have to be considered.  In the case of a piece of ski wear, the production team has to decide what kind of pattern to follow, how the item should be sewn, and what the most effective process of production would be.  
Soon, the brief production description the development team created along with the original image has become a multi-page document, laying out to the smallest element exactly what the product will become, and the exact steps needed to produce it to Descente’s high standards. It is this comprehensive process of collaboration and attention to detail that is at the heart of Descente’s ethos of craftsmanship.


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